National Park

Giraffes looking for food in the Saadani National Park.

With an area of only 1,100 km2, the Saadani National Parks amaze with its geographic location and wildlife diversity.

This park is the perfect place for ocean lovers, with an open ocean from one end to the other. The sea is filled with colorful coral reefs, which are crucial for many fish species. If you visit the park around a specific time, you can witness the handy passageway that forms from the low tide. One of the main activities is to observe the Green turtles’ breeding site, which is the only place in Dar-es-salaam where sea turtles still hatch their eggs.

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Within the Saadani National Park, you can find a variety of activities that fit your preferences. You can enjoy a nice day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the clear ocean, or you can visit the Mafui sand bank Island, where you can snorkel with the fishes and green turtles.
If you prefer to sightsee the fauna and flora of the park, you can enjoy a safari jeep ride and see all the different mammals, reptiles, and bird species. For the curious, you can get out of the car and wander the salt flats while catching some animals’ footprints.


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