National Park

A local tribe standing together at the Arusha National Park in Tanzania, Africa.

Arusha National Park has high wildlife diversity and is home to the world's largest population of giraffes.

With only 137 km2, the park contains three main areas that create an outstanding landscape. These are the Meru crater, which funnels the Jekukumia river, the Ngurdoto crater, and the colourful alkaline Momella lakes, which are home to many bird species. Arusha is home to Mount Meru. This active volcano is the second-largest mountain in Tanzania, with a height of over 4,566 meters above sea level.

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One of the main attractions is the Ujambo Wa Mbogo, translated as “the buffalo’s glade”. This part of the park is the ideal site to spot numerous species of animals, such as warthogs, buffaloes and giraffes. You can also visit Tululusia hill to swim under the waterfalls or spot buffaloes, elephants, some tree-dwelling pythons and colobus.


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Latitude: -3.25

Longitude: 36.75



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